Ad Agency Series

What's the reading order of the ad agency series?

Book 1: Road-Tripped

Book 2: Head-Tripped

Book 3: Field-Tripped

Book 4: Guilt-Tripped (not yet written)

How many books are in the series?

Originally, I planned 7 books, but the last couple of years have been tough to integrate writing in with real life, so I may just stick with 5.

Does Skip get his own book?

If I finish the series, I plan to make Skip’s book last.

Why haven't you written anything in a couple of years?

With the political climate and my own personal upheavals, it’s been difficult to find the will and want to continue writing fluffy and funny novels. As such, I may shift genre directions eventually.

What inspired you to write romance?

I get asked this question a lot, because I don’t read much romance. Originally, it was because the few books I’d read back in 2015 didn’t seem to reflect real life romance, nor did they really strike me as funny. It was more a challenge to myself to write something that I wanted to read.


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