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Do I need to read Road-Tripped first?
While Head-Tripped can be read as a Standalone, almost all of the characters from Road-Tripped appear in Head-Tripped. You may miss important background information if you don’t read the first book. For example, the main character in Head-Tripped is Callie’s sister from Road-Tripped.

Is Effie based on Alice in Wonderland?
At the beginning of many scenes, you’ll find Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass quotes. The characters are  loosely based on both books.  For a quick rundown of the books, checkout these study guides: Alice in Wonderland  | Through the Looking Glass. Once you read the book, I’ll have a reader discussion in my group about this. I also borrowed many themes from the books:

1. The loneliness of growing up
2. Dreams
3. The loss of childhood innocence
4. Life as a meaningless puzzle
5. Subversion
6. Nonsense

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