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Recently, I answered a few interview questions on how I came up with these crazy plots in my books. So I thought I’d free-write a post on that. A lot of my ideas come from my own wanderlust and interests. I write about stuff I’ve either done or want to do. I had a kid late in life, but before that, I traveled extensively and did all sorts of interesting things. Raising a kid requires more stability, so I started writing these romantic adventures as a means of escape from the doldrums that raising kids can often bring. Also, most of what I write is what I want to read. I like books heavy on character, with lots of humor. I love personal growth and travel. I like weird people and silly situations. And I like that my people have all sorts of flaws. It goes without saying I love sex. That said, the sex in my books is more about emotion than titillation. So while it’s definitely erotic, there are feelings at stake. For example, there is a lot of hate fucking going on in Field-Tripped. Lots of angry sex. I just love the idea of that. It’s so hot. I won’t reveal too much more than that. I started writing in the romance genre, which is classified as a story with a happily-ever-after ending, because I believe we are all driven by love, or lack thereof. The general tropes—the enemies to lovers, the rock star, the second chance—I also find those appealing, but it’s hard to keep them from being predictable. I’m a big DNF’er when it comes to the same old plot line. So that’s why I let my brain do whatever it wants with the usual tropes. And often, it goes off on weird tangents. With the latest book, I’d read this article on adult camps, and I started thinking how cool it would be to bring this childlike experience back into play. And the second chance romance fit perfectly with that theme. Also, I love my heroes and heroines. I have yet to put a true alpha male in my books. But I have two alpha females. Mostly, because the alpha males I’ve met are complete assholes. I favor the Renaissance man instead. Generally, my heroes are passionate, talented, and strong, but they have no problem letting a strong female lead. They complement the heroine, rather than dominate. There is equality and balance in my characters’ relationships. That, I think, is ideal. Those are my random thoughts for today. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Maybe I’ll write a blog article.

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By Nicole Archer

Nicole Archer is a part-time author, full-time mother and web expert. She likes to write sarcastic, emotional stuff for fun.


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  1. Megan

    Just finished Road-tripped…. Wow. What a breathe of fresh air from some of the not too great books I’ve read lately! I have never laughed so hard at a book! My favorite scene was the swamp/gator fiasco! The hilarity of imagining it unfold … I had to reread it multiple times. My favorite line in the book: “you’re nuttier than a portapotty at a peanut festival.” Can’t wait to read the next one! Thank you!


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