Guilt-Tripped Cover Release

Guilt-Tripped Cover Release

Guilt-Tripped Cover Reveal

Too bad. He’s too smart, too smooth, and far too young.

I’ve had my quota of bad boys for this lifetime. They kept me single way past my prime—a serious problem, considering I wanted to be a mom more than anything in this world.

What else could I do? I knocked myself up. Best decision I’ve ever made. Now the only bad boys in my life are my wild son and this crazy stray dog that’s getting me kicked out of our apartment. Oh, and my work husband, Sam. He’s the ultimate bad boy—mysterious, shady past, and a self-admitted criminal, to boot.

For one thing, he’s always looking over his shoulder like someone’s watching him. He even has a burner phone.

And don’t tell anyone this, but he hacked into my son’s daycare webcam. There was also that time he offered to “fix” my credit score so I could rent another apartment.

Yep, there’s definitely something fishy about Sam Fischer. But he’s just so much fun to flirt with. Plus, my kid loves him.

What? Just because I don’t date bad boys doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with one.

Don’t worry. Despite the insane urge to lick him all over, I’ve learned my lesson: no bad boys.


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